Toll House Cookie Recipe - Chef Cooking Appliances.

Toll House Cookie Recipe

toll house cookie recipe

    toll house
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  • Toll House is a historic toll house at 2028 Mountain Road in Burke, Vermont.

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Toll House Cookies the Right Way

Toll House Cookies the Right Way

I've been searching for The Secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Step 1: use the recipe on the toll house morsels package (use semi-sweet, anything else is an abomination). Step 2: Steal my Mom's cookie sheet.

Well, she won't let me have the cookie sheet, and without it, locally cooked toll house cookies are Just Wrong. So, she went and found a very similar sheet for us and gave it to us for Christmas this year.

This is the result. (They were exactly right).

Thanks, Mom!

old 1941 Nestle's Toll House Cookies booklet

old 1941 Nestle's Toll House Cookies booklet

Front and back cover. In pristine condition. This little booklet has several pages in it.

Another one of those booklets that I acquired via a purchase of a bunch of books from an estate. Got the whole lot of books and I mean over 50 boxes worth for $25. I've got hundreds of booklets just like this one. who's interested in seeing more. Scan by

toll house cookie recipe

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