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Healthy Easy Cooking

healthy easy cooking

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Today's Lunch

Today's Lunch

A lot of my lunches may look similar..and they are, with maybe a slight grain or vegetable variation here and there. The point is for people to see how quick and easily they can make delicious healthy food at home. This is halibut-took 10 minutes to broil, then added a lemon pepper sauce from Albertsons, served over Trader Joes Brown Rice/Red Rice/Barley medley and sauteed spinach and yellow peppers, which are sauteed in grapeseed oil and Braggs liquid amino acids...delicious...takes about 10-12 minutes to prepare.

Healthy stirfry.

Healthy stirfry.

Pasta,celery,mushrooms,brazil nuts tomatoes and spring onions with olive oil.
Mixed all together for about 10 mins, add cooked pasta. Tastes yummy !

healthy easy cooking

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