Slow Cooker Potatoes Recipe

slow cooker potatoes recipe

    slow cooker
  • A slow cooker, Crock-Pot (a US trademark that is often used generically), or Slo-Cooker (a UK trade mark that is often used generically) is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that maintains a relatively low temperature compared to other cooking methods (such as baking, boiling, and frying

  • A countertop electrical cooking appliance that cooks food with low, steady, moist heat. It consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot made of glazed ceramic or porcelain, surrounded by a housing, usually metal, containing a thermostatically controlled electric heating element.

  • Am electric duck oven or casserole used to cook stews and soups slowly. Also known as a crock pot.

  • A large electric pot used for cooking food, esp. stews, very slowly

  • (potato) an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland

  • The plant of the nightshade family that produces these tubers on underground runners

  • (potato) annual native to South America having underground stolons bearing edible starchy tubers; widely cultivated as a garden vegetable; vines are poisonous

  • A starchy plant tuber that is one of the most important food crops, cooked and eaten as a vegetable

  • The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae family (also known as the nightshades). The word potato may refer to the plant itself as well as the edible tuber.

  • Something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome

  • directions for making something

  • A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required

  • A medical prescription

  • A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.

  • The Recipe is the third studio album by American rapper Mack 10, released October 6, 1998 on Priority and Hoo-Bangin' Records. It peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at number 15 on the Billboard 200.. All Media Guide, LLC. Retrieved on 2010-01-01.

Pirate Potato Heads

Pirate Potato Heads

Aleks got a large Mr Potato Head in a Pirate theme for Christmas and since Mike had posted Potato Head piccies, I figured I might as well too... who knows, maybe there's a potato head flickr group. ;-)

meat & potatoes

meat & potatoes

had a craving for steak (which i rarely eat), so i threw this omaha steaks strip steak on the grill. served with some roasted new potatoes, and roasted cherry tomatoes and shallots.


slow cooker potatoes recipe

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